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Tips For Using Your Patient Survey Data

One of the main things that hospitals are trying to improve is the overall experience of their patients. There are Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, as well as individual surveys that hospitals might give their patients in order to determine the quality of care that they received. However, once you have this data, you might not know exactly what to do with it or how to interpret it in order to give your patients a greater level of care. Here are some tips for getting the information that you need out of your patient survey data.

1. Look at the Lowest Scores First

Set a threshold for the number of patients that rated their experience above neutral. For example, if you have a threshold of fifty percent, you will want to add up all of the patients who scored beneath neutral for certain aspects of the care that you provided. Once you have the numbers for each category, check to see if more than fifty percent of patients for each category said that they received below adequate care or scored beneath the neutral level. Then, you will have a list of categories that you are going to need to improve. Check to see which of the categories on this list have the lowest scores, for example "Strongly Disagree" to a statement that said "I received timely and efficient care," as opposed to "Disagree."

2. Check Your Priorities

Next, you need to look at which types of experiences seem to make the most difference to your patients on a day-to-day basis. You know that you are providing your patients with good healthcare, but there might be other aspects of your treatment that are not as good as you might like them to be. If your patients are consistently rating the statement "Doctors kept me informed of my progress" with a "Strongly Disagree," this usually means that this experience is important to your patients. If a patient has a strong reaction to an experience, then this is the experience that you want to improve as quickly as possible.

3. Make and Post Your Action Plan

Consider posting the results of your survey quarterly on your staff website or even on a page that patients can see. Also post the action steps that you are taking to resolve any issues that the survey might have revealed. This will hold your employees accountable and will allow your patients to see that you are taking the steps to right any wrongs that they might have perceived. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in consulting for patient survey data, such as Opinionmeter.

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