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Need Extremely Temporary Help? How And Where To Outsource Your Company's Short-Term Employment Needs

Every so often, companies have "odd jobs" that require a very short-term employment contract for those that will complete the job. The best way to fill these odd jobs is with temporary help, or "temps." There are also consultants, freelancers and companies that specialize in specific short-term assistance with different odd jobs. All are forms of outsourcing, but on a much smaller scale than most businesses are accustomed to. If you want to know more about how and where to outsource your company's short-term employment needs, here are a few examples to get you started.

Employee Background Checks and Lack of HR Staff

Normally an HR department representative would handle background checks and employment screenings. If you do not have an HR department, or all of your HR staff are out of the building for a few days, you could outsource this temporarily to an employment screening company. Such companies are very discreet and can find almost anything you would want to know about any potential employee. This allows you to continue accepting applications and conducting interviews while the screening company screens out any applicants that do not fit the set criteria you have given the employment screening company.

IT Repairs and Lack of Qualified IT Staff

Even if you have an IT department and you have a couple of employees staffing it, there may still be some IT issues that your employees cannot manage. In the event that your company's computers catch a nasty virus that your IT staff cannot eliminate, you could call in professional "hackers" who operate as computer and IT consultants. They will have some software and additional skills not taught in college that could eradicate your tech issues. There are also professional IT consultants that work out of certain electronics stores who can help resolve most of these issues too.

Customer Service Calls and Lack of Phone Reps

Many companies that continue to expand at a rapid rate find that they cannot keep up with the supply of qualified customer service phone representatives. Furthermore, they do not have the time or the resources to train new individuals to work the positions when there is a frequent client turnover rate. Doing so means that each of these phone reps working on a particular client's account would require retraining most of them to work on another client's account the minute the current one dissolves. Instead, you outsource your phone rep needs to a temp agency that already has fully-trained individuals at the ready who do not expect their employment to be long-term. (You may still have to train them on the client's particular project or issue, but they are otherwise ready to start work when you need them.)

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