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Avoid Work-Related Injuries: 4 Steps To Ensure A Safe Work Environment For Your Employees

If you own a small business, you're responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they're on-the-clock. According to statistics, over 4,000 workers were killed in work-related accidents in 2014. Here are some steps you can take to prevent accidents and injuries in your workplace.

Inspect the Work Environment

When it comes to work-related accidents, some of them could be avoided by fixing problems before they cause injuries. Unfortunately, as a business owner, you can't always know what safety issues exist in the workplace. That's where inspections come in. Work with your staff to inspect the work environment at least once a month. This will allow you to identify – and remedy – potential hazards before they lead to accidents and injuries. These inspections will also allow you to maintain open communication with your on-site supervisors, which will help them address safety concerns that they might have.

Conduct Regular Training Sessions

Injuries can often be avoided when employees understand proper workplace safety procedures. One way to ensure that your employees know what the procedures are is to conduct regularly scheduled training sessions. During these sessions, your employees should learn how to safely perform their job duties, as well as the proper procedures to take in the event of a workplace emergency. Conducting routine training sessions will help employees keep up on safety standards. It will also ensure that recent hires are included in training sessions.

Encourage Safety-Minded Employees

Your employees are the first line of defense in avoiding work-related injuries. To help ensure a safe work environment, encourage your employees to report safety concerns, and hazards they might encounter during the work day. If your employees are concerned about reporting safety hazards, provide a confidential reporting method. One way to do that is to provide a safety box in the break room. Employees can fill out a safety form and place it anonymously into the box. This will allow you the opportunity to address potential hazards before they cause an accident.

Hire a Safety Management Team

If you have questions and concerns about workplace safety, it might be time to hire a safety management team. These professionals will inspect your workplace and make safety recommendations that are geared to your specific needs. They'll also be able to provide you with additional resources designed to keep your employees safe.

Don't take chances with your employee safety. Use the tips described here to provide your employees with a safe work environment. For assistance, talk to a professional like A Crew Safety Consulting.

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